The Witnesses

The most important trial in the history of the World. You are seated in that courtroom
where Governor Pontius Pilate resides.
Witness the testimonies of THE WITNESSES.
Hear the Evidence that ends in a Verdict
that will forever change the
Eternal Destiny of Humankind.
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Tickets ON SALE May 11th
Ticket Prices:
Adult – $24
Child (under 12) $18
Senior (65 and up) $20
Groups of 10 or more $20 each
Performed at ENOPION’s Flowing Wells Theatre
286 Flowing Wells Rd., Martinez GA 30907
Show Dates and times:
Friday April 12th @ 7pm
Saturday April 13th @ 3pm
Friday April 19th @ 7pm
Saturday April 20th @ 3pm
Thursday April 25th @ 7pm
Friday April 26th @ 7pm
Friday May 3rd @ 7pm
Saturday May 4th @ 3pm
Thursday May 9th @ 7pm
Friday May 17th @ 7pm
Thursday May 23rd @ 7pm
Friday May 24th @ 7pm
What to expect:
The scene begins in the courtyard, just outside
of Pilot’s judgement hall.
The Clerk will call the trial to order and
the witnesses will enter and take their seats beside you.
The Trial begins as Pontius Pilate takes his place.
Each witness bears testimony for the defendant,
telling of miracles, his character, and proof 
that the man on trial is indeed…
At times, those in the room with you, react to the testimonies
and to Pilate as he wrestles to make a decision.
The verdict is given, the sentence pronounced –
But just wait ’til you see what happens on that third day!
Since this trial takes place all around you, 
once you are in the courtroom, please do not leave your seat until recess is called.
Silence all cellphones, no pictures or video allowed.
Concessions will be Available.
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