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Hot Springs, a Town where All is Possible
Story by Andrea Gross; photos by Irv Green

I come to Hot Springs with an agenda. I want to relax in the curative waters, find a diamond and go home refreshed and rich.

After all, one of the world’s greatest baseball players as well as many of the world’s most notorious gangsters have found the waters restorative, and as for diamonds, just last year a man found a 6.19-carat jewel in a nearby park. Here, I figure, all is possible.

Of course, there’s a close relationship between possibility and luck, and Hot Springs is undeniably lucky. Located on the eastern edge of Ouachita National Forest, fifty miles from Little Rock, it’s surrounded by such natural beauty that in 1832 Andrew Jackson designated it a “special reservation.” As a result, Hot Springs claims the title of the country’s oldest national park.

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