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Authentically Arizona: A trip through Diné Bikéyah
Story by Andrea Gross; photos by Irv Green

The ruts are long and narrow, some measure nearly a foot in depth. As the driver swerves to avoid them, he plows across a shallow river, causing the van to list and my head to bang against the door of the four-wheel drive. I envision a muddy death.

My husband and I are on an aptly-named Detours expedition, one that aims to explore not only the scenic spots but also the cultural heritage of Arizona. Our particular tour focuses on the state’s native people, and we’ve definitely lucked out. Our guide is Donovan Hanley, a member of the Towering House Clan of the Navajo, who sports a waist length braid, a broad smile and a striking turquoise necklace. He’s about as authentic as you can get.

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